Release Notes

We will only offer release notes if there are changes that are of public interest.

Version 1.372.0

  • The new attribute signingInspections has been added to the freight document.
  • see /freightdocuments [POST] and /freightdocuments/{freightDocumentId} [GET, PUT]
  • The new attribute signingInspections has been added to accounts.
  • see /accounts/users [POST], /accounts/users/me [GET, PUT] and /accounts/users/{accountId} [GET]

Version 1.368.0

  • Delegates on freight document level now also receive the permission to add delegates.
    • see /freightdocuments/{freightDocumentId}/delegate [POST]

Version 1.352.0

  • TFA is no longer a mandatory signing method when available signing methods are provided.
    • see /freightdocuments [POST], /freightdocuments/{freightDocumentId} [PUT], /freightdocuments/{freightDocumentId} [POST]

Version 1.349.2

  • The new attribute numberOfLoadingPlaces has been added to structured goods.
    • see /freightdocuments [POST], /freightdocuments/{freightDocumentId} [GET] and /freightdocuments/{freightDocumentId} [PUT]

Version 1.345.1

  • The new attribute taxIdentificationNumber has been added to freight document roles.
    • see /freightdocuments [POST], /freightdocuments/{freightDocumentId} [GET] and /freightdocuments/{freightDocumentId} [PUT]

Version 1.341.0

  • When retrieving account information, it will now also return whether or not an account has accepted the user terms of service agreement.
    • see /accounts/users/me [GET]

Version 1.323.0

  • Freightdocuments can now be cancelled in ISSUED and TRANSIT status in addition to DRAFT.
    • see /freightdocuments/{freightDocumentId}/cancel [POST]
  • Cancelled freightdocuments will now be returned and can be filtered on. By default cancelled are not returned, you need to ask for its using status filter with eq or in operator.
    • see /freightdocuments [GET], /freightdocuments/consumersearch [GET] and /freightdocuments/{freightDocumentId} [GET]

Version 1.315.1

  • The new attribute submitForFurtherInspection has been added to the freightdocument.
  • see /freightdocuments [GET] and /freightdocuments/{freightDocumentId} [GET]

Version 1.313.2

  • The new attribute allowRtiAddition has been added to the freightdocument.
  • see /freightdocuments [POST, GET] and /freightdocuments/{freightDocumentId} [PUT, GET]

Version 1.308.1

  • The new attribute transferenceType has been added to the Structured Goods type RTI.
  • see /freightdocuments [POST, GET], /freightdocuments/{freightDocumentId} [GET, PUT] and /freightdocuments/consumersearch GET

Version 1.267.0

  • The new attributes agreedDateTimeOfTakingOver, agreedDateOfDelivery and agreedDateTimeOfDelivery have been introduced to the freightdocument.
  • see /freightdocuments [POST], /freightdocuments/{freightDocumentId} [GET] and /freightdocuments/{freightDocumentId} [PUT]

Version 1.265.0

  • The new attributes mileageAtDeparture, mileageAtArrival, traversedDistance and mileageUnit have been introduced to the freightdocument.
  • see /freightdocuments [GET] and /freightdocuments/{freightDocumentId} [GET]

Version 1.264.1

  • The new attribute permitNumber has been introduced to carriers and subsequent carriers on the freightdocument.
  • see /freightdocuments [POST, GET] and /freightdocuments/{freightDocumentId} [PUT, GET]

Version 1.263.0

  • The new attributes collectionCarrierArrival, collectionCarrierDeparture, deliveryCarrierArrival and deliveryCarrierDeparture have been introduced to the freightdocument.
  • see /freightdocuments [GET] and /freightdocuments/{freightDocumentId} [GET]

Version 1.243.0

  • Removed statusUpdateId from freight document response
  • see /freightdocuments [GET]

Version 1.241.0

  • Filter on freight documents now allows to query documents modified by other accounts within an optional time span
  • see /freightdocuments [GET]

Version 1.237.0

  • Estimated time of arrival and pickup can now be specified per carrier or subsequent carrier
    • see /freightdocuments/ [POST] and /freightdocuments/{freightDocumentId} [PUT, PATCH]

Version 1.234.0

  • Allow adding references to a freight document by roles other than the submitter.
    • see /freightdocuments/{freightDocumentId}/references

Version 1.233.0

  • The submittedAccountEmailAddress of a role can now be updated when the freight document is in DRAFT status.

Version 1.226.0

  • Removed the submittedAccountNumber field from freight document role. It is no longer possible to associate accounts to roles by using this field, instead use the submitterAccountEmailAddress field.
  • Added new endpoints for managing attachments of freight documents. These new endpoints allow attachments to be managed in a more efficient way. From now on this is the preferred way of managing attachments in TransFollow. The old way of adding attachments in the freight document itself will be deprecated in the future.
    • see /freightdocuments/{freightDocumentId}/attachments endpoint

Version 1.209.0

Release date: 2017-08-03

  • Added the availableSigningMethods attribute to the freightdocuments POST, PUT and GET. While this attribute is functioning in the API, it does not restrict signing with methods other than TFA yet.
  • Added roleId to the FreightDocumentRole.ownPermissions so that the permissions of a role can be uniquely identified

Version 1.203.2

Release date: 2017-07-20

  • Added license plate information fields to the role of a freight document
    • see new field licensePlateData in type FreightDocumentRole
  • Added pickup/delivery time windows for certain roles
    • see new field timeWindow in FreightDocumentRole

Version 1.186.3

Release date: 2017-07-06

  • Updated API so that it is less strict and the examples in the documentation are accepted again.

Version 1.186.2

Release date: 2017-07-06

  • Updated API so that it is in line with the fields in the documentation.

Version 1.177.1

Release date: 2017-06-08

  • The deprecated createDateTime field has been removed from approvals.
  • Added the StructuredGoodsHeader with previousCommits, createDateTimeClient and createDateTimeServer.
  • Added GS1 GLN code as an optional field for all addresses.
  • The GS1 code is not mandatory anymore for returnable transport items.
  • Added subscription functionality for freight document updates.
  • Added X-Total-Count header in freightDocuments GET.
  • Added optional includeiso2 parameter to the countries GET

Version 1.150.1

Release date: 2017-03-16

  • Removed undocumented field "submitter" from freight document entity as this field was incorrectly exposed.
  • Place of taking over role is now mandatory.
  • City and name of place of taking over role is no longer mandatory.

Version 1.141.0

Release date: 2017-02-02

Structured Goods and Returnable Transport Items

It is now possible to create a freight document containing goods and returnable transport items in a structured way. See the POST, GET and PUT API documentation of /freightdocuments. Also see the Structured Goods LifeCycle documentation.

Version 1.131.2

Language selection for new accounts

Create account endpoint now includes a field for selecting the language of the account, see /accounts/users.

Authority reference field in freight document

Freight document now includes an authority reference field. This field should be used when displaying freight documents to users. See API documentation of GET /freightdocuments/{freightDocumentId}.

Credit transfer endpoint removed

The transfer credits endpoint has been removed from the API. Users of the endpoint /credits/transfer have been notified about this.

Version 1.93.1

View own delegates

Added the field ownDelegates to the freight document entity.

Version 1.77.0

API /freightDocuments/cancel endpoint added

It is now possible to cancel a freight document that is in DRAFT status. Cancelled freight documents will not appear in the freight document list (/freightDocuments (GET)) anymore.

Version 1.75.0

Change of API /oauth/token default response content-type

When no http 'Accept:' header is supplied in the request, the /oath/token endpoint returns json now. This used to be a xml response.

Version 1.45.0

Third party integration in TransFollow Authorization

The /oauth/authorize GET endpoint is introduced in order to provide third party software to operate on behalf of users, by use of OAuth2.

Version 1.19.3

Declining of approvals

The /submitmyapproval endpoint has an additional "declined" parameter. The approvals in all freight document calls include a "declined" field.

Version 1.16.0

Added additional information to the generated freight document PDF

The /freightdocuments/{freightDocumentId} GET call for "accept=application/pdf" now displays who signed for which comment.

Version 1.14.0

Added email feature to /delegate call.

/delegate call now sends an email when the user does not exist.

Version 1.12.0

Added the 'freightdocuments/{freightDocumentId}/revoke' end point.

Use this to revoke previously delegated rights of a specific role within the freight document from another account.

Version 1.11.0

Added /freightdocuments/{freightDocumentId}/delegate call to delegate roles the delegator has ownership of.

Delegatees cannot delegate the delegated role to other users.

Version 1.3.0

1. Deprecated createDateTime in the approval- and update-objects in the GET freightdocument calls

Use the new createDateTimeServer instead. createDateTime will continue to function for this API-version (v1) however.

2. Added createDateTimeServer and createDateTimeClient to the approval- and update-objects in the GET freightdocument calls

These are analogous to the similarly named fields in the comment-object; createDateTimeServer is the UTC time on which the server received the corresponding object, while createDateTimeClient is calculated by the backend: it is the same UTC timestamp minus the secondsSinceCreation sent during creation of said object. The reason for this approach is that by using a combination of a reliable server time and a delta based on unreliable client time is enough information.

Version 1.0.0

1. Changed the version part of the API endpoints from ../v0.3/.. to ../v1/.. .